Yucky Germs

Duration: 30mins to 1 hour


  • Can ask different people at home to draw their hands (sanitize hands first!)

  • If you don't have colored paper - color in a white paper or use scrap paper!

  • Explain if we don't wash hands frequently, germs lingers on us. That is why we must wash our hands frequently!


Different colored paper

Googly eyes / draw eyes

Glue stick



  1. Trace hands on paper, and cut them out

  2. Stick them on another paper

  3. Draw different shapes to resemble germs, not too big

  4. Cut the germs out and stick them on the hands

  5. Stick googly eyes or draw eyes on the germs

Keywords: disinfect, clean, hands, wash, soap hand sanitizer


Source: Rattles and Heels