That's My Name!

Duration: 15 mins to 45 mins


  • The duration also depends how large the piece of paper is

  • Paper can be made bigger by sticking them together!

  • Can write the name is capital and in lower case

  • Can write the name a few times in different sizes

  • Can write the name in different color(s) and stick the correct colored stickers on

  • Can write the name in English or in any other preferred language

  • Ask children to help write their name!


Large paper (scrap paper is fine)


Color circle stickers


  1. Write name largely on paper

  2. Follow the marker/crayon and stick the circle sticks till they're all covered up!

Keywords: name, spell, follow, stick, cover

STICKERNAMES1-683x1024 (1).jpg

Source: Busy Toddler