Sun & Moon Playgroup

孩子將通過不同主題學習更多詞彙。 每次課堂都會有一個主題,孩子將從中學習不同的技能。孩子可以於短期內學習靜坐並聽從老師及監護人的指示。兩個年齡段的課程都根據相同的教學大綱設計,但18至24個月的課堂中將會更加強調禮儀和紀律(如排隊等)。父母或監護人可於課堂中陪同並提供協助。

Children will learn more vocabularies through our daily theme. There will be a theme for each class and children will learn different skills throughout the topic. Children for short periods of times learn the beginning of sitting still and, listening and following instructions from the teacher as well as from guardians.

Both age range classes teach the same syllabus, but once children reach 18 to 24m, there will be more emphasis on Manners & Discipline such as lining up. Children will come assisted by their parents

or caretaker.

Sun   &   Moon 

12-18m   |   18-24m