Storytelling 講讀故事

Storytelling has been proven to strengthen brain development. We here at Babyhood believes Storytelling not only help them improve language skills but as well as broaden a child's imagination.

What are the benefits of Storytelling? Familiarize with sounds, words, language and the value of books. It'll spark a child's imagination, stimulate their curiosity while developing early literacy skills such as the skills of listening and understanding words. Children learn to recognize patterns in language, play and manipulate words, and acquire phonetic awareness. Stories also help children learn about taking risks and trying new things. The characters give children a framework to explore how things work and the world beyond their home. 

講讀故事可以加強孩子大腦發育, 而且講讀故事不僅可以幫助孩子提高語言能力,更可拓寬孩子的想像力。

講讀故事有什麼好處? 講讀故事可讓孩子熟悉聲音,文字,語言和書籍的内容價值所在。 亦能激發孩子的想像力及好奇心,同時培養他們早期的識字能力,例如聽力和理解單詞的技巧。 孩子將能學會識別語言的規律,掌握單詞運用,並加強對語音的敏感度。

故事內容還有助於孩子學習冒險和嘗試新事物。 這些角色為孩子提供了一個探索事物的框架以及帶領他們放眼看世界。

Age 10m - 4 years old  Storytelling

In every lesson, students will listen to the teacher retell the storybook of the day in an exciting, enticing manner where children will be entering into their of imagination and interpretation of the story. Interactive songs, questions about the different parts of the story, as well as a simple craft will be done during each class.  


Age 3.5+  STEAM Storytelling

What is STEAM? STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineer, Art, and Math. Through this storytelling experience, children will have a series of questions to answer throughout the lesson. They will learn to discover their answers through creative ways such as flashcards, other books, online research and through discussions. Children will create and build scenarios from the story with different materials and using a screen-less as well as with screen to jot down their findings. Through this hands-on storytelling activity, children will work together in small groups helping to promote problem-solving skills, creativity and analytical thinking.

什麼是STEAM? STEAM是科學,技術,工程,藝術和數學的英文字首個字母縮寫。通過體驗我們的講讀故事課堂,孩子們將於課堂中回答一系列的問題。他們將學習通過字卡,其他書籍,線上研究和討論等創新方式尋求答案。孩子們將使用不同的材料創建故事情節,並使用無屏幕和有屏幕的方式來記錄他們的發現。通過這種動手實踐的講讀故事活動,孩子將和其他小朋友進行小組工作,互相幫助提高解決問題的能力,創造力和分析思維。

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