Shake It Off

Duration: 15 mins to 1.5 hrs


  • Ask children to help prep the activity

  • Can ask children to help decorate the box

  • For younger children don't tie the box around the waste, instead ask children to shake the box with their hands

  • Play some fast, fun song during this activity. When the music is on - shake, when the music stops - stop shaking


Tissue box

Ping pong balls

Ribbon / string / robe / scarf



  1. Fill the tissue box with ping pong balls

  2. Use sash or scarf to tie the tissue box around children’s waist

  3. Ask children to stand up and shake!

  4. Encourage them to shake out the balls as many balls as they can

  5. Count how many balls have fallen out

  6. Repeat!

Keywords: shake, move, dance, have fun, how many, count


Source: Hello Wonderful