Roll and Hop

Duration: 45 to 1.5 hrs


  • It really doesn't matter how big the cardboard box is, as long as it is small to roll in the space you are playing this, and small enough for the child is able to pick it up and throw it 

  • Go through as many shapes as possible with children before deciding on the 6 shapes

  • Can draw the shape on a piece of paper, color, decorate, and stick it on to the box instead

  • Adults can participate in the game or take turns!


Masking tape

Small cardboard box



  1. Think of 6 shapes and draw these shapes as big as possible on the box. One shape on each side. This will be the dice

  2. Stick masking tape on the ground of the same 6 shapes

  3. Ask the child to roll the dice, and see what shape is facing upwards

  4. Child must hop into the that shape on the ground and say the name of the shape!

Keywords: dice, 6, sides, shapes, roll, dice, make, find, hop, say


Source: I Can Teach My Child