Summer Program

Rocket Phonics

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📙Summer Program 2019 - Rocket Phonics📙 (Age 2.5 up)
Date: 8,10,12,15,17,19, 22,24,26 JULY (MON/WED/FRI)
Time: 10:45-12:30(Class A) or 14:00-15:45(Class B)

🌟Children will learn all 26 consonant sounds, the vowel sounds and discover the beginning stages of blending. By the end of this level, children would be very familiar with all the sounds and ready to spell three letter words.

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📙2019暑期課程 - Letterland英語拼音📙 (適合2.5歲以上小朋友報讀)
日期:7月8,10,12,15,17,19,22,24,26 (星期一/三/五)
時間:10:45-12:30(Class A) or 14:00-15:45(Class B)

🌟小朋友將學習26個輔音,元音和不同英語拼音組合。 小朋友將於3個星期內完成學習1個級別,對所有發音熟悉,並能準備學習拼寫三個字母的單詞