Rice Krispy Treats

Duration: 30 to 45 mins to build, fun will last a few days!


  • Ask children to help prep

  • Baking tin can be of any size, the results will vary

  • You can use cookie cutters - grease the inside with oil/butter before putting in the mixture


Large saucepan

Wooden spatula

6"x 6" tin

Large spoon



75g butter

1 1/2 packets Marshmallow puffs 

6 cups rice krispy


1. Butter the baking tin, and large spoon. leave aside

2. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat

3. Add marshmallows into saucepan, stirring constantly with wooden spatula until marshmallows have melted. Turn off flame, remove pan off heat.

3. Add rice krispy and stir quickly to combine - it will go still quite quickly

4. Tip bubble mixture into prepared tin and press down using the back of the pre-buttered spoon or with hands

5. Once cool, cut into slices or bars.

Keywords: Butter, hot, quick, fast, marshmallow, rice krispy, chill

Photo source: Kids Spot