Instructor​星級導師: Jasmine Wu
- A model & an actress born in Japan.

- Trained and certified at YogaPoint.

- Government recognized ashram in India.



Age 0-2 class:
- Baby massage mixed with stretches. 嬰兒按摩與伸展
- Practicing yoga poses that incorporate baby. 練習瑜伽姿勢及動作
- Practicing poses and encouraging the toddler to copy. 練習不同姿勢及動作讓孩子能重複學習
- Mom places hand on baby's belly and as mother senses her baby's breath, they breath together. 

- Baby foot massage. 嬰兒足部按摩
- Cat/Cow pose with the baby under Mother looking up, practice up and down to do peek-a-boo. 

- Hand massage. 手部按摩
- Ear massage. 耳朵按摩
- Om sound vibration with baby in arms. 把嬰兒抱在手臂並發出Om的聲音振動
(Most of the practices for this age group will be with mother and her baby sitting on the floor with their baby laying on the backs. For these poses Mom can sit in easy crossed legged pose, wide leg pose.)

Age 3-4 class:
- Circles Warm up. ​圈子熱身
- Blooming Flower. 盛開的花朵
- Butterfly Song. 蝴蝶歌
- Sun Dance. 太陽舞
- Choose a few poses: Bumple Bee, Lion, Elephant, Bear, Alligator, Eagle, Cat/Cow. 

   選擇一些姿勢:大黃蜂,獅子,大象,熊,鱷魚,鷹,貓 / 牛
- Spaghetti Test. 意大利麵條測試
- Listening to a singing bowl. 聽著會唱歌的碗
- Making Energy balls. 製作能量球

Age 5-7 class:
- What sounds do things make, for example: a cat goes meow, washing machine goes swish swish , universe sounds Om. 

- Easy cross legged side bend and twist. 簡單的交叉腿彎曲和扭曲
- Rag doll. 布娃娃
- Sun Salutations with chimes. 向太陽致敬
- Story of " THe Pirate and the Hidden Treasure". “海盜與隱藏的寶藏”的故事
- Blooming flower. 盛開的花朵
- Balloon breathing. 氣球呼吸
- Shavasana. 瑜伽動作-Shavasana

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