• Aim to develop the confidence, creativity and artistic sentiment of children through various art activities, in order to practice our education philosophy “Passion for Kids”.

  • The courses are designed according to the syllabus of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD). Students who are qualified and well-performed will be invited to participate in performance, competition and examination in order to show children’s skills taught and boost their self-confidence.


  • 實踐『Passion for Kids』 及以兒童為中心的教育理念,並重視兒童成長,藉多樣化舞蹈藝術課程和活動啟發兒童的創造力、建立自信心及提升舞蹈藝術情操,以促進全人發展。

  • 課程以英國皇家芭蕾舞學院及澳洲聯邦舞蹈教師協會課程作藍本。合資格及表現良好學員將會被獲邀參加表演、比賽及考試。讓兒童接觸不同表演、比賽及考試,透過活動激發兒童的表演慾及舞蹈藝術潛能,並提升自信心

Jazz Ballet (Age 2.5-7) [10 Lessons]

SKU: BB001
  • 1. All classes and schedules cannot be changed once payment is completed. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.



    2. Once Invoice has been issued, full-payment must be completed within 3 days, otherwise placement will be forfeited.



    3. Payment Method: Cash / Cheque payable to "Astar Concept (Intl) Ltd" / ATM Bank of China 012-821-20036269 / Payme (63066302)

    付款方法: 到付現金、支票"抬頭請寫: Astar Concept (Intl) Ltd"或銀行轉帳"中國銀行:012-821-20036269"或Payme"63066302"


    4. If the class/activity is cancelled due to weather conditions, Babyhood will not provide a refund or make-up class; no make-up classes for special activities.



    5. If absent due to personal reasons, we will arrange a make-up class one time each month only and it will be limited to the same course.



    6. There will not be any rearrangement for those who are absent from the make-up class.



    7. Babyhood reserves all rights of final decision in case of any dispute.

    Babyhood 保留任何爭議之最終決定權。

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