Every child will be in a safe environment to explore, experiment, socialize and learn. Our Playgroup programme has been specially designed to incorporate STEAM concepts. Children will be invited to do a wide range of activities where they don't usually do at their own homes. At the same time, children will get to enhance their gross and fine motor skill, develop their creativeness and imagination, intensify their sensory through activities such as messy play and while being exposed to the English language.

Babyhood 提供安全的環境讓每個孩子都能開心學習,探索,進行實驗及進行社交活動。 我們的 Playgroup 課程融入了 STEAM 的概念,孩子將於課堂中進行各式各樣的活動。同時,孩子可通過不同遊戲活動如“自由玩” Messy Play 來接觸英語,訓練大小肌肉,發展創造力及想像力,並且藉此加強他們的感覺統合。