Payment Methods​ 付款方式

Babyhood vows to provide parents different options, and easy methods to make payments. 


We accept: Visa, Master, American Express, Union Pay, WeChat, Alipay Pay, PayMe, PayPal, Cheque, and Cash

我們接受:Visa,Master,American Express,銀聯,微信支付,支付寶,PayMe,PayPal,支票和現金

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Membership Payments 會員收費

  • Payments can be made by lump sun or by recurring monthly installments                                                                 支付方式可選擇一次性繳費或分期自動轉賬。

  • Number of installments will be based on the membership criteria                                                                              自動轉賬分期期數根據不同級別會員而定。

Single Class Payments 單堂收費

  • Payments can be made by one lump sum or by recurring monthly installments                                                                           支付方式可選擇一次性繳費或分期自動轉賬。

  • Total amount from $6000 to $9999 - maximum 2 installments                                                                                       一次報讀單堂總數金額港元$6,000-9,999可選擇分兩(2)個月自動轉賬。

  • Total amount from $10,000 to $14,999 - maximum 4 installments                                                                                  一次報讀單堂總數金額港元$10,000-14,999可選擇分四(4)個月自動轉賬。

*Please refer to Babyhood Terms & Conditions for full detail