Our Center​ 
Open Area
Jupiter Room
Uranus Room
Saturn Room

The center is located inside the mall but with a large open roof allowing us to gain the natural sunlight into our open area and our biggest room.

Our open space purpose is for children to use to play, draw, and read. We encourage children to come to our center to relax and get used to the environment before and after their activities while boosting their social skills by playing with friends.

We have three large multipurpose rooms named after the three largest planets in our solar system. Planet Room is our largest room suitable for all our programs, Rocket is our second largest room, suitable for table and chairs course such as Arts & Craft and Phonics. Our third room is Astronaut where it would be great for activities such as Storytelling, and Playgroup. 


The Center is equipped with safe learning materials and installations for kids, including some climbing facilities, which could be used under the supervision of our professional tutors.



我們有三個大型多功能房間,以太陽系中三個最大的行星命名。 星球(Planet Room)是當中最適合所有活動的房間,火箭(Rocket Room)是我們的第二大房間,適合需要桌椅配合的課程,如藝術與手工藝和英語拼音等。我們的第三個房間是太空人(Astronaut Room),適合講讀故事和遊戲小組等活動。