Program & Operation Manager / English Teacher


I have been in the early childhood education field for over 15 years working in different positions at local and international centers in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, I have gained a vast knowledge on what the current market provides, what parents seek for, and what children lack exposure to. 

My mission is simple. To provide children detailed orientated activities that allow them to be themselves while they learn and have fun. 

Each child’s learning ability is different, and it is up to us to understand their needs and wants.  We must provide practical and reasonable methods to gain great results. Most importantly it is to continuously adjust and improve the way we interact with them to keep the classroom an exciting place to retain their attention. It is also essential for the parents and guardians to learn and understand how we do this by adapting the method into their own homes. This would help assist the learning progress of a child. By doing so, we can fuel their hunger to learn and extract the best results from them.




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