Our Mission and Philosophy
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  • The teaching philosophies of Babyhood include to cultivate passion, to boost creativity, to build up self-confidence, to develop morality and to encourage perseverance.

  • Babyhood promotes all-rounded development, with the aims of improving children's intellectual, physical, creative, social, as well as emotional regulation skills.

  • We understand the importance of games to a child's growth. Our courses are therefore designed to encourage kids to learn happily through playing.

  • Our course incorporates elements from the Reggio Emilia Approach (an Italian educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education). We hope to let children take the lead, encourage them to explore by themselves, and discover their hobbies and capabilities. Out tutors who play a guidance role, would support children to express their views and feelings.

  • Babyhood 宗旨五大教育理念: 激發熱情,啟發創意,建立自信,培養品德,訓練毅力

  • Babyhood 提倡全面發展,致力為提升孩子五大能力:智力、體能、創造力、社交能力、情緒管理能力。

  • 遊戲是幼兒學習的必要途徑,Babyhood 的課程設計是希望能讓孩子從遊戲中學習。

  • Babyhood 的課程設計更融合了世界意大利幼兒早教系統「 瑞吉歐 」(Reggio) 及蒙特梭利 (Montessori) 教學法於教學理念。以小朋友的興趣作主導,老師作為指導的角色,鼓勵小朋友自行探索,發掘興趣及能力,支持他們表達對事物的看法和感受。