Phonics 英語拼音 

​Why Letterland? 為何選擇Letterland? 

Letterland is child-friend, researched based, phonics system used by teachers around the world. Letterland allows children to learn how to read, write and spell in a multi-sensory environment with their imaginary Letterland friends. Each character has its own story, action, and songs. The combination of learning materials, provide children with a solid multi-sensory memory.


Letterland 是一套世界各地教師和孩子都喜爱的教材。Letterland 讓孩子們可以與虛構的Letterland 角色一起在多感官的環境中學習,閱讀,書寫和拼寫。每個角色都有自己的故事,動作和歌曲。Letterland的學習材料能為孩子提供了豐富的多感官記憶。

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