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Picking schools to enroll into that fit your needs and wants for your child is tiresome and difficult. Preparing for entrance interview and assessments can be even more stressful. 

We have the solution for you.

Our in-house school consultant and teachers have created detailed lesson plans that covers the majority of Hong Kong's kindergarten and primary school entrance interview and assessment spectrum.

Each class consists of a series of questions and answers for children to complete through different methods such as games, storybooks and worksheets. Every compartment of each lesson has been carefully created to cover the different aspects of the entrance exam and assessment. Children will also bring home worksheets to work on as well. In addition to our lesson plans, our teacher will communicate with the parents about the learning progress of the child after each lesson. We will adjust the lessons according to each child's strengths and weaknesses. 





This program focuses on

課程內容主要圍繞以下範疇 :

  • Self confidence 自信心

  • Concentration 專注力

  • Memory 記憶力

  • Cognitive ability 認知能力

  • Fine and gross motor skills 大小肌肉訓練

  • Chinese & English Language skills(literacy / comprehension / communication  中英文語言能力(認字/理解/溝通能力) 

  • Problem solving skills 應變能力

  • Mathematic skills 算術能力

  • Creativity 創意