Fish Scales

Duration: 15 mins to 45 mins


  • Prepare materials with children

  • Let children try to cut, even if it means to hold their hands to do so!

  • Does not matter if the toilet roll isn't cut out perfectly

  • The shape of the fish doesn't have to look perfect, as long as it is big.



Plate for paint

Tissue roll


Any colored paper

Marker/crayon/color pencils

Goggly eye (optional)



  1. Cut the tissue roll in half down the hole making the ends a semi circle shape

  2. Draw a large fish outline and draw the eyes and mouth

  3. Pour paint onto plate

  4. Dip the tissue roll onto the paint 

  5. Stamp the fish giving it some scales!

  6. When it is dry, cut it out

Keywords: Fish, eyes, tail, scales, semi circle, paint, stamp


Source: Crafty Morning