English Teacher

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Babyhood Ellis.jpg

Enthusiastic, loving playgroup teacher who is passionate for early years education with around three years of experience of assisting and teaching in international schools. 

I believe in giving children a fun educational experience and ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity in class, I intend to bring a great, playful but most importantly, a safe environment. I understand that every child learns differently, which is why I encourage children to develop at their own pace in our nurturing environment. 

Being a playgroup teacher requires love for the field of working with children, and so does Babyhood!

我是一名對幼兒教育充滿熱情及熱愛的Playgroup 導師,擁有約三年於國際學校的教學經驗。


作為一名Playgroup老師, 我和Babyhood一樣十分熱愛與孩子一起的工作!