Trees Blossom

Duration: 30 mins to 1 hour


  • Different colored crepe paper can represent different flowers or fruits, think of a type of flower or fruit to teach your children during this activity​

  • Scrunching up paper can be done in different ways such as scrunching it between two fingers, rolling it into a ball between two hands

  • If those ways are easy for a child to do so, level it up and ask them to try with scrunching the crepe paper between two fingers on both hands at the same time!


Glue stick

Market/crayon/colored pencils

Crepe paper/tissue paper - green + pink


A4 paper


1. Draw a tree trunk and branches on the white craft paper with black marker

2. Tear/cut green tissue paper or color paper into small pieces

3. Stick the the green tissue paper on the branches to represent leaves

4. Tear/cut red and pink tissue papers or color papers, and scrunch them into small balls

5. Stick them on the green leaves as flowers to make the tree blossom

Keywords: tree, tree trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, blossom, green, red, pink, tissue paper, color paper

Photo source: Craft On Sea