Babyhood Center Policy 報名須知及上課安排

1.   為免影響課堂或活動進行,課堂或活動進行期間家長必須將手提電話或所有響鬧裝置關上或調較至靜


      To avoid affecting the flow of activities, guardians are required to turn their phone off or on silent. Please        do not take photos and/or videos during class.


2. 如課堂/活動因任何突發原因未能如期進行,Babyhood會於課堂開始/活動舉行前盡快致電已報名之學 


     If the class/ activity cannot be held as scheduled for any unexpected reasons, Babyhood will call the           

     enrolled students as soon as possible before the start of the class/ activity.


3. 若學員因個人因素,而請假或缺席,每月將可獲只限一次補課安排,並只限於相同課程。

     If absent due to personal reasons, we will arrange a make-up class for them once a month and it will be

     limited to the same course.


4. 缺席補課者,恕不另作安排。

     There will not be any rearrangements for those who are absent from the make-up class.


5. 一經繳費,不得轉換其他活動、課程、時間、或找他人代替,亦將不安排退款。

    Courses and schedules cannot be changed once payment is completed. All fees paid are non-refundable   

    and non-transferable.


6. 學生凡於一年內參與Babyhood遊戲小組班並出席56節以上課堂,將可獲得Babyhood頒發證書。

    Students who attend Playgroup courses can receive a certificate provided they have attended 56 classes 

   or more within a year.


7. 若上課/活動當日天氣惡劣而需取消,Babyhood 不會安排補課及退款。因天氣而取消的課程/活動實非 


   If the class/activity is cancelled due to weather conditions, Babyhood will not provide a refund or make up     class.


8. 個別課程如有需要下,只能安排每位學員由一名監護人陪同下進行。

     Only one guardian can attend the class with every enrolled child unless specified.


9. 學員須穿著合適服裝進入Babyhood上課,個別課程要求學員及其監護人於上課時必須穿上襪子。

     Students should wear appropriate attire when attending Babyhood classes. Some classes will require

     students and guardian to wear socks.


10.  Babyhood會拍攝或記錄在課堂或活動期間之情況以作記錄、廣告或宣傳等其他用途。

        Babyhood will be taking photos and/or videos during classes and activities for recording and marketing 



11. 學員/家長須愛護公物,如有損毀,Babyhood將向有關人士追討被損毀物品的價值以作賠償。

       Center property are for academic use and not for personal or other use. Anyone who uses property for

       other than academic use shall be fully liable for their loss, theft or damage.


12. 在未經Babyhood職員同意下,學員不可私自取走場內任何物件。

       Students cannot take away any items from Babyhood Center without the consent of the Babyhood staff.


13. 學員須小心看管自己的個人財物,請勿攜帶貴重物品到Babyhood。如有遺失,Babyhood恕不負責。           Babyhood is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.


14. Babyhood中心場內不准吸煙、飲用含酒精的飲料及請勿攜帶食物進入課室。

       Babyhood will not tolerate smoking and alcoholic beverages in the center premises. Please do not bring

       in food or drinks in the classrooms.


15. 上課前學員應在家裡量度體溫,如體溫高於攝氏37.5 度(華氏99.5 度)則應通知本中心取消該課堂。

        Students should measure their body temperature at home before classes. If it is higher than 37.5

        degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit), you should contact our center to cancel the class.

16. 如家長或學員有需要可向本中心職員索取口罩。

       Parents and students can ask our staff for a mask when necessary.


17. Babyhood保留最終之決定權。 Babyhood reserves the right of final decision.