Babyhood Terms & Conditions 

1. Registration

   1.1 All enrollments to Babyhood classes including trial classes, must fill in the Babyhood Registration Form.​

2. Payment and Enrollment

  2.1 Payment Method

        2.1.1  Cash – please pay directly at Babyhood Center in person, Babyhood will not accept cash payment made 


         2.1.2  Cheque – please make crossed cheques payable to “Astar Concept (Intl) Limited”.

                  -  Cheques must be given directly at Babyhood Center in person, Babyhood will not accept cheque payments

                      made otherwise.

                  -   Student’s full name, payee’s contact number and invoice number must be written on the back of the


         2.1.3  Bank Transfer – please deposit to Astar Concept (Intl) Limited at BOC account no. 012-821-20036269.

                  -   Bank-in slip must be emailed to or WhatsApp to 6306 6302.

         2.1.4  Credit Card – please make payment directly at Babyhood Center.

                  -   Master, Visa, Amex, Union Pay.

         2.1.5  Alipay – please scan the barcode found on or at the


                  -   Full payment must be completed within 3 days.

         2.1.6  PayMe – please deposit directly to 6306 6302.

                  -   Full payment must be completed within 3 days.

   2.2  All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

   2.3  Receipt of payment can be issued in paper form and or paperless.

   2.4  Receipt will include course fee breakdown schedule enrolled.

   2.5  Payments can be made by one lump sum or by recurring monthly installments.

         2.5.1  Number of installments will be based on the membership criteria.

         2.5.2  Single classes payment of HKD$6,000-9,999 can be arranged recurring monthly installments.

           Maximum number of installments will not exceed two (2) months.

         2.5.3  Single classes payment of HKD$10,000-14,999 can be arranged recurring monthly installments.

           Maximum number of installments will not exceed four (4) months.

   2.6  Members must fill in accurate credit card details for recurring payment.

   2.7  Two (2) months Installment must be made on the first payment for all Membership packages. Next billing will start             on the second month. Last installment will be on the second last month.

   2.8   An administration fee of 3% of the member fee will be automatically charged for all overdue payments.

   2.9   Parent/assigned guardian must sign up to classes one week before class date.

   2.10 Parent/assigned guardian must cancel enrolled lesson three (3) days prior to scheduled class.

   2.11 It is the responsibility of the member to remember their enrolled classes.

3. Trial Class

  3.1  All trial class fee is $100.

  3.2  A refund of the trial fee will be deducted in total course fee if enrollment is made on the same day as the trial class.

  3.3  Trial class is applicable to one (1) time of Babyhood core courses only.

4.  Refunds & Make Up Class

  4.1  Cancellation must be made three (3) days prior to scheduled class. Failure to cancel will automatically charge 

         member an administrative fee (half price of original price of the class fee) regardless of reason for no-show.

  4.2  Members can use the Penalty Fee Waive quota to void charge.

  4.3  Make up class equivalent to an extension of membership. Example: Membership end date is March 31st 2020,       

         make up class of one day will extend membership to April 1st 2020.

  4.4  Make-up classes will be issued:

         4.4.1  If Babyhood is unable to proceed as scheduled due to any special reasons, the Center will arrange make up


         4.4.2  If the regular course is cancelled due to inclement weather, the Center will arrange make up class(es).

         4.4.3  Regular Classes include but not limited to: Playgroup, Storytelling, Phonics, Art Discovery.

  4.5  Refunds and make-up classes will not be issued:

         4.5.1  When there is a cancellation on special events, and special classes due to the weather (refer to 5.2).

                   -  Special Events include but not limited to: Easter Party, Christmas Party.

                   -   Other Events include but not limited to: Cooking Fun, Reptiles Encounter, outdoor events and outsourced


         4.5.2  When Government announces class closures due to medical, and or health reasons (refer to 8.2).

  4.6  There will not be any rearrangements for those who are absent from the make-up class.

5. Weather Arrangements

  5.1  When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.1 or Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, all lessons held by

         Babyhood will continue as scheduled.

  5.2  Classes will be cancelled when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3 or above, or Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning

         Signal is hoisted and remains in force two (2) hours before the starting time of a lesson.

         5.2.1  Babyhood will not be contacting students on each class cancellation due to weather reasons.

  5.3  All classes will resume two (2) hours after the cancellation of Tropical Cyclone Warning drops to No.3 or lower, or

         Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal.

6. Photography, Audio and Video Capture

  6.1  To avoid affecting the flow of activities, guardians are required to turn their phone off or on silent. Please do not

          take photos and/or videos during class.

  6.2  Babyhood reserves the right to use photos, videos, and or sound recordings of children and parents/guardians

          participating in Babyhood activities for teacher training, curriculum, and or promotional purposes.

          6.2.1  Photos of children and parents/guardians photo release will only limit to children,

                    parents/guardians who have given Babyhood permission to through the Photo Release Consent form.

                    -   If in the case of photos released of children, and parents/guardians have not been given permission

                        through Photo Release Consent form, Parents have the rights to Babyhood to remove, given a

                        reasonable time frame.

7. Sickness

  7.1  Students should measure their body temperature at home before class. If the temperature is higher than 37.5

         degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit), you should contact our center to cancel the class.

  7.2  In the case of a child unwell for longer than five (5) consecutive days and with a certified medical certificate note,

         make-up classes can be arranged.

8. Other Circumstances

  8.1  If the class/activity cannot be held as scheduled for any unexpected reasons, Babyhood will contact enrolled

          students as soon as possible before the start of the class/activity via phone and or WhatsApp.

  8.2  When the Government announces class closures due to medical and health reasons, e.g. H1N1, H5N1, etc.

  8.3  Babyhood is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

  8.4  One guardian per child is required for all classes with children under three years old.

9. Membership

  9.1  Members will receive an immediate discount once the first payment is complete.

  9.2   Valid Period starts on the day of the first enrolled lesson.

  9.3  In the case of dispute in Babyhood Membership adjustments, members will be entitled to the benefits stated on

         the day of enrollment up to the end of the membership validity.      

         9.3.1  Old membership benefits will be immediately void once enrolled into new system.

  9.4  Referral rebate is valid to the member.

         9.4.1  Successful referral from existing member referring to new membership system will receive membership

                    criteria amount by cash coupon.

            Cash coupon can redeem any Babyhood products including Special Events.

         9.4.2  Successful referral from existing member referring to old membership system will receive membership

                   criteria amount by “token”.

            Token refers to classes.

  9.5  Photos of children during lessons will be sent to Gold Members between the last week of the end of the month

         and the first week of the following month.

  9.6  Old Membership System

         9.6.1  Existing members transfer to the new membership system will receive one (1) month extension on the new 


         9.6.2  August 25, 2019 is the final recruitment of old members.

         9.6.3  One (1) year extension of lesson photo service will be provided to existing members who transfers to the new

                   Silver and Gold membership system.

10. Interest Class and Outsourced Events

  10.1  Apart from the courses/events provided by Babyhood, the interest class company or outsourced company will

           take all responsibilities to the relevant classes or events.

  10.2  Babyhood may provide places for interest classes and outsourced events.

11. Personal & Change of Information

  11.1  Please inform Babyhood on any changes of personal information.

  11.2  Babyhood reserves the right to change Babyhood terms & condition without prior notice.

  11.3  All information collected is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

12.  Babyhood reserves all rights of final decision in case of any dispute.

Babyhood 條款及細則

1. 報讀課堂

   1.1 所有報讀Babyhood課程(包括試堂)的學員都必須填寫Babyhood登記表。

2. 付款及註冊

  2.1 付款方式

        2.1.1  現金 –請親臨Babyhood中心支付,​否則將不會接受現金支付。

        2.1.2  支票 –劃線支票支付予“Astar Concept (Intl) Limited”.

                  -   請親臨Babyhood中心支付支票。

                  -    請於支票背後註明學生全名,收款人聯繫電話及發票號碼。

         2.1.3  銀行轉賬 – 請轉賬至中國銀行012-821-20036269 “ASTAR CONCEPT (INTL) LTD”。

                  -    轉賬收據必須通過電子郵件發送至info@astar-concept.com或WhatsApp至6306 6302以作確認。

         2.1.4  信用卡 - 請親臨Babyhood中心付款。

                  -   Master, Visa, Amex, 銀聯

         2.1.5  Alipay支付寶 – 請於以下網站或Babyhood中心掃描QR code


                  -   所有款項必須於3天內完成。

         2.1.6  PayMe –請直接支付予6306 6302

                  -   所有款項必須於3天內完成。

   2.2  所有已支付的費用均不可退還及轉讓。

   2.3  正式收據將以實體或電子方式發出。

   2.4  正式收據將包括已報讀課程費用之詳細資料。

   2.5  支付方式可選擇一次性繳費或分期自動轉賬。

          2.5.1  自動轉賬分期期數根據不同級別會員而定。

          2.5.2  一次報讀單堂總數金額港元$6,000-9,999可 選擇分期自動轉賬。


          2.5.3  一次報讀單堂總數金額港元$10,000-14,999 可選擇分期自動轉賬。


   2.6  如選擇分期自動轉賬,會員需正確填寫信用卡資料。

   2.7  分期自動轉賬之會員首期費用需支付2期月費,下一期費用需於下一個月起每月支付。總期數根據會籍限期而


   2.8  如逾期繳交費用,本中心將收取該月份費用之3%行政費。

   2.9  家長/監護人需要於一週前自由預約任何適當的日期和時間上課,僅限於已報讀的課堂數量。

   2.10  家長/監護人需要於三(3)天前取消已預約之課堂。

   2.11  家長有責任記下已預約上課日子。

3. 試堂

  3.1  所有Babyhood試堂費用$100。

  3.2  試堂後如即場報名該常規課程,可扣除試堂費用。

  3.3  試堂僅適用於Babyhood核心課程一次。

4.  退款及補課

  4.1  為鼓勵學生出席已預約課堂,不論學生因任何原因未能於三(3)天前取消已預約之常規課堂並缺席,Babyhood將


  4.2  會員可使用可取消課堂次數的限額免支付行政費用。

  4.3  補課等同於延長會員有效期之日數。如會員到期日是2020年3月31日,補課一天即是延長會員有效期至2020年4月


  4.4  以下情況將獲安排常規課程補課:

         4.4.1  如Babyhood因任何特别原因導致常規課程無法如期進行,本中心將安排補課予已預約課堂之學生,即延長


         4.4.2  如因惡劣天氣導致常規課程取消,本中心將安排補課予已預約課堂之學生,即延長會員有效期之日數。

         4.4.3  常規課程包括但不限於:Playgroup,講讀故事,英語拼音,藝術探索。

  4.5  以下情況將不獲安排退款及補課:

         4.5.1  因惡劣天氣導致特別課堂/活動取消(參見5.2)

                      -   特別課堂/活動包括但不限於:復活節派對,聖誕節派對。

                   -   其他課堂/活動包括但不限於:烹飪工作坊,親親大自然,戶外活動及外判活動。

         4.5.2  政府宣布因醫療或健康原因而取消課程(參見8.2)

  4.6  如於補課缺席,將不會再作任何重新安排。

5. 天氣安排

  5.1  當懸掛熱帶氣旋警告信號1號或黃色暴雨警告信號時,Babyhood的所有課程將如期進行。

  5.2  當3號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號或紅/黑暴雨警告信號懸掛並在課程開始前兩(2)小時仍然有效時,課程將會取消。

         5.2.1  受到惡劣天氣原因影響之課堂,Babyhood​將不會另行通知。

  5.3  當三號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號或紅/黑色暴雨警告信號除下兩(2)小時後所有Babyhood課程將恢復進行。

6. 拍攝,錄音及影片

  6.1  為避免影響課堂活動,監護人必須把響鬧裝置關閉或調為靜音。請勿在課堂中拍照或錄影。

  6.2  Babyhood將保留參與Babyhood活動之學生及監護人的照片,錄像和錄音的權利,並用於教師培訓,課程/或推廣


          6.2.1  Babyhood將只會發佈曾於肖像同意書同​意照片作推廣用途之兒童及監護人的照片。

                    -   如被發布的照片未獲得授權,家長可於合理的時間範圍內通知Babyhood並要求移除。

7. 生病

  7.1  學生應在上課前於家中測量體溫。如果溫度高於37.5攝氏度(99.5華氏度),應該盡快聯繫本中心取消課堂。

  7.2  如學生長達五(5)天不適並且持有認可之醫生證明,將可安排補課。

8. 其他情況

  8.1  如因任何特别原因導致課程/活動無法如期進行,Babyhood將於課程/活動開始前盡快以電話或WhatsApp聯繫學


  8.2  當政府宣布因醫療或健康原因而取消課程,例如H1N1,H5N1等。

  8.3  學員須小心看管自己的個人財物,請勿攜帶貴重物品到 Babyhood。如有遺失,Babyhood 恕不負責。

  8.4  所有三歲以下兒童之課程均需要一名監護人陪同。

9. 會員

  9.1  付款成功後,會員即時可享有折扣優惠。

  9.2  有效期從第一次課堂當天開始計算。

  9.3  如對Babyhood會員計劃內容調整存在爭議,會員將於有效期內享有註冊當天所列明的優惠福利。

        9.3.1  舊制會員如成為新會員,舊制會員福利將會被自動取消。

  9.4  推薦回贈適用於會員。

         9.4.1  凡成功推薦朋友成為會員將可獲得指定金額Babyhood現金優惠券。


         9.4.2  舊制會員如成功推薦朋友成為Babyhood會員將可按照會員級別免費獲得指定數量代幣。


  9.5  課程期間拍攝之照片將於每月底最後一週至下個月之第一週內發送給星級會員。

  9.6  舊制會員

         9.6.1 凡舊制會員成為新會員可享額外延長會籍一個月。

         9.6.2  2019年8月25日為最後招收舊制會員。

         9.6.3  舊制會員如成為新制銀級或金級會員,於首年均可於每月收取Babyhood發放的課堂照片。

10.  興趣班及外判活動

       10.1  除Babyhood內部提供之課堂/活動以外,所有合作興趣班及外判活動將由相關公司/中心全權負責。

       10.2  Babyhood將提供場地予部分興趣班及外判活動進行。

11. 個人資料更改

  11.1  如有任何個人資料更改,請通知Babyhood中心。

  11.2  Babyhood保留更改條款和細則的權利,恕不另行通知。

  11.3  所有已收集資料只限於公司內部保密使用。

12.    Babyhood 保留任何爭議之最終決定權。