In October 2019, Babyhood brings Hong Kong families a new concept we want to share with everyone. An Affordable Way to Learn and Play is a Babyhood concept yet seen in Hong Kong.


Our center will cater to children from six months to 10 years old with classes from Playgroup, Storytelling, Art Discovery, Drama Club, and more. Through market research, we understand the needs and wants of Hong Kong families. From the result, we want to provide children and parents a variety of quality classes economically with flexibility.


We now present to you a system where families can enjoy affordable,

entertaining, fun, quality learn-and-play. This new system we have created will allow families to enroll their children up to seven days a week, of two classes a day at a price as low as HKD104 a day.

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Designing a program not only takes time but most importantly, creativity and experience.  Our programs and materials have been prepared in great detail to fulfill critical skills taught in each lesson. Babyhood teachers have gone through intensive training to teach in an entertaining and effective way where children will not only learn but have fun at the same time.

在2019年10月,Babyhood為香港家庭帶來了一個我們希望與大家分享的新概念 - 一個經濟實惠的學習和玩樂方式。


本中心將提供適合6個月至10歲兒童的課程,包括Playgroup遊戲小組,Storytelling講讀故事,Art Discovery藝術探索,Drama Club戲劇等。我們明白到香港家庭的需要,並希望通過靈活性為孩子及家長提供各種優質課程。





舊會員 Vs 新會員

Old Vs New

 What's the real difference between the new and old system, and why it is one of the most affordable learn and play centers you can enroll your child into. 

no membership fee 


no additional fees 


just monthly tuition!